Welcome to Danish Dog Register

Danish Dog Register (Dansk Hunderegister) was established in 1993 when the government decided that it's obligatory that all dogs residing in Denmark should have an ID number and be registered with the Danish Dog Register.

A dog imported into Denmark should be registered within a month after arrival.

You can ask your vet to report your dog to us. The vet will collect the registration fee of DKK 145,00.

If you prefer to do it yourself you should send us a copy of the pet passport and/or pedigree together with your name, address and telephone number. Please fill out this form with the necessary information.

The registration fee of DKK 145,00 should be paid to our bank, reg.no. 5473, account no. 1525857. When the documentation and the fee is received your dog will be registered and you will receive an e-mail.